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Watch care

Minimal maintenance of your watch will help you to keep it in the same condition as on the day of purchase.
Protecting your watch from moisture
The water resistance of a watch is not guaranteed once and for all. Sealing gaskets are subject to natural wear and tear and are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. To maintain its natural water resistance, we recommend you to regularly rinse your watch with fresh water and wipe it with a dry cloth. To prevent moisture from entering the movement, make sure that the pushers and crown are always screwed in or pressed against the case. And remember to return them to neutral after setting the time and setting the functions. Remember, it is never superfluous to check the water resistance of your watch with a certified master.
Strap and bracelet care
Leather is a strong, flexible and durable material that, if used correctly, would retain its striking appearance. In order to keep your watch perfect age-old look as long as possible, we recommend you to avoid contact of the strap with water, oils, cosmetics and other external factors unfavorable for this material.
A metal bracelet would be an excellent option for active use. This bracelet does not require any special maintenance. It is enough to clean it from time to time with a soft brush. This cleaning is needed to get rid of small particles that get stuck between the links. After swimming in the sea or pool with a metal bracelet, rinse it with fresh water.
When and how to wind the watch?
Hand-wound watches must be wound every day, preferably at the same time. Rotate the crown clockwise until you feel slight resistance. Do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the mechanism.
To keep a self-winding watch running, it is sufficient to wear it regularly. Watches of this type replenish their power reserve automatically with every movement of the wrist. If you do not remove them from your hand for at least eight hours, this will provide the movement with a power reserve of about a day. If your watch has stopped, you must wind it manually.
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