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Service maintenance

Little is needed to keep your watch as accurate and reliable as it was on the first day. Our watchmakers will do whatever is necessary to complete this task.
Watch repair
Maintenance and repair of your watch is a serious matter. By entrusting your watch to our craftsmen, you would keep its value, original characteristics and reliable functioning for a long time. Dauri Service repairs Swiss watches of all brands and categories, which include wrist, antique, pocket, wall and grandfather watches.
We take on the most complex watches that other workshops could not handle. Dauri Srvice specialists work with certified Bergeon and Witshi equipment. Our watchmakers are accredited and trained annually in Switzerland.
To restore the lost shine, restore its former splendor, emphasize the shape of the case, highlight each of its facets – everything can be achieved by the help of polishing. Our masters masterfully master this technique, and would return your watch to its original appearance.
Surface polishing is a good compromise between aesthetic benefits and the retention of watch qualities. This procedure, carefully performed by our Dauri Service technicians, would give the watch a new shine and would hardly increase wear and tear. Surface polishing effectively removes micro-scratches, but does not deal with deep scratches and dents.
Full polishing is recommended for deep scratches. This procedure is very complicated and only certified Dauri Srvice masters can handle it. Using special equipment, the master corrects all the aesthetic imperfections of the watch. However, this removes a thin layer of metal from the surface of the watch. Therefore, it is necessary to use this procedure sparingly.
Watch service
Dauri pays special attention to providing you with first class service. Due to the skill and experience of our watchmakers, your watch retains excellent reliability and irresistible shine for a long time. The first step in every service is diagnostics. Diagnostics is an integral part of any service for your watch. At this stage, the wizard determines exactly how you use your watch. Further, our masters carry out a repassage of your watch, during which the watch mechanism is disassembled, its parts are cleaned, your mechanism is assembled and lubricated, and the case and bracelet are processed.
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