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Besides emotional value, watches are material values.And the Dauri Service guarantee will help you keep those values.
Warranty card
The warranty card is one of the most important documents for your watch. After repair, service or purchase of a watch from Dauri Club, you will get this document. The insert coupon indicates the place and date of purchase of the product. For the warranty to take effect, the coupon must be filled out in the correct order, date, stamped and signed by Dauri Service. Safely keep all received documents. In the absence of a warranty card, the cost of repairing the watch will be charged to the customer.
Cancellation of Warranty
The Dauri Service warranty does not cover:
– malfunctions or damage resulting from accidental circumstances, misuse or rough handling (such as jolts, impacts, crushing, etc.);
– natural wear or aging of components;
– lack of regular maintenance or cleaning of the watch, or inappropriate use;
– malfunctions or damage resulting from exposure to magnetic fields or weather conditions;
– penetration of moisture into the case and the phenomenon of oxidation (for watches that are not waterproof);
– alterations, manipulations, disassembly or repairs carried out by anyone other than Dauri Club;
– straps made of leather, rubber, synthetic polymer or any other non-metallic material;
– the watch, the serial number or any other identification mark of which has been erased or changed;
– cases of theft or loss.
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